Transforming Joy

Bruce Fiol

READ : John 2:1-11

This, the first of his signs, Jesus did at Cana in Galilee, and manifested his glory.

(v. 11)

John now spreads on the pages of his Gospel seven signs that point to Christ’s deity.
The first came at a village wedding, a time of happiness and celebration. Jesus is there.
He enjoys a party and his presence always enhances a good time. But suddenly a problem;
the wine runs out.

Jesus gets the word. He asks servants to fill six stone jars with water. And it’s a lot
of water, almost 180 gallons. Then he instructs the servants to take a sample to the
caterer. The man tastes it and in disbelief says privately to the bridegroom, “You’ve
saved the best wine till last!” (v. 10). There is great spiritual truth here. Wine, in
Scripture, symbolizes joy (Ps. 104:15). Jesus transforms water into wine. Significantly,
our text informs us that this is the first sign (miracle) Jesus performed (v. 11).

This is precisely what the new birth is—a miracle in which Jesus transforms a
heart. Regeneration is the first miracle a sinner experiences, as Christ brings joy, and
life gets better and more satisfying. Jesus reveals his glory (v. 11) when dead sinners
are regenerated.

We’ve all been invited to the wedding (Rev. 22:17). Don’t miss the joy Jesus provides
when your heart is changed by his transforming grace.


Dear Jesus, thank you for filling my life with your joy.