The Power of the Divine Word

Bruce Fiol

READ : John 4:46-54

Jesus said, “Go; your son will live.” (v. 50)

Life had screeched to a sudden halt. Crisis has a way of doing that. Here was a wealthy
man (he employed servants), well-placed (an officer in King Herod’s court), with great
influence. Yet, none of this was able to exempt him from the sorrows of life. His son lay
dying. The distraught father had heard about Jesus so he set out on a twenty-mile search
to request the Savior to come heal his little boy.

This man had faith. But it was weak. He believed Jesus could heal his son but would
physically have to come to his boy’s bedside. Jesus responded, “Unless you see signs and
wonders you will not believe” (v. 48).

A statement that seems unsympathetic is actually, according to one preacher,
“mercifully surgical.” Jesus accurately puts his finger on the weakness of this man’s
faith. Here was a man who first must see Jesus do something before he would believe. But
Jesus said, “Go; your son will live” (v. 50). With Jesus, it’s believe, obey, and then we
will see his work. In other words, believing is seeing! So with nothing more than a word
from Jesus’ lips, the boy—twenty miles away—was cured.

Were we to believe Jesus, like the distressed father, we would witness the power of
God’s life-changing word.


Lord, may we too believe your word.