The Creator at Work

Bruce Fiol

READ : John 6:1-13

Jesus took the loaves . . . gave thanks . . . then distributed them. (v. 11)

John begins his Gospel by telling us that it was through Jesus (“the Word”) that all
things were made (1:3). Five chapters later he gives us an example of what he’s talking

Chapter six contains the account of a creation miracle—the only miracle recorded
in all four Gospels. No other miracle was performed before so many witnesses. Christ’s
creative power was on display before 5,000 onlookers.

The people had spent a long day listening to Jesus. Some had come miles without making
provision for food or lodging. They were tired and hungry.

Testing his disciples Jesus asked them to feed the crowd. Calculating the need without
taking Jesus into account, the disciples decided it was impossible. In times of need we
too are tempted to underestimate the wealth at our disposal. Jesus was among them—the
Creator and owner of everything. “Have them all sit down,” he ordered.

“But why, Lord? We’ll only raise their hopes—and we have nothing to give them.”
The Lord took the bag lunch of a little boy, and gave thanks. “What for, Lord? You’re
going to thank God for this miniscule fare?” But here is the Creator at work, so let us
realize two truths. First, Jesus desires to help us. Second, he can!


Forgive us for forgetting you can make much of our little.