A Blind Man Sees the Light

Bruce Fiol

READ : John 9:1, 6-7, 32-33

One thing I know, though I was blind, now I see. (v. 25)

This sixth sign points undeniably to Jesus Christ’s deity. Moses, Elijah, and Elisha
all performed miracles, but there is no record they ever opened blind eyes. That is a
miracle reserved for the coming Messiah. Isaiah the prophet, for example, predicted
Christ’s ministry would include “opening the eyes that are blind” (Isa. 42:7). That’s true
both literally and spiritually.

Jesus begins his ministry by teaching in his hometown synagogue (Nazareth). When he is
handed the scroll of Isaiah he unrolls it to find chapter 61. He begins to read—but
surprisingly he inserts a telling phrase, missing in Isaiah’s prophecy. Referring to
himself he says the Lord’s Anointed was sent “to bring recovery of sight to the blind”
(Luke 4:18, cf. Isa. 61:1).

Only the Messiah can give sight to the blind, a fact confirmed by the testimony of the
blind man of our passage. He tells his skeptical, belligerent interrogators, “Never since
the world began has it been heard that anyone opened the eyes of a man born blind. If this
man were not from God, he could do nothing” (vv. 32-33).

No miracle Jesus ever performed more soundly proves that he is God than this sixth
sign—except the miracle of opening spiritually blind eyes to see the Light of the


Thank you, Jesus, for opening our eyes to see you.