The Testimony of Nathaniel

Bruce Fiol

READ : John 1:45-49

Rabbi, you are the Son of God! (John 1:49)

Nathaniel’s friend Philip was a bubbly, exuberant witness, the kind that can be
irritating. “Nate, I’ve just met the Messiah! His name is Jesus and he’s from Nazareth”
(v. 45).

I can imagine Nathaniel twisting his face. “Phil, you’ve got to be kidding! You know as
well as I do that the Messiah will come from Bethlehem, not Nazareth.” But Philip wouldn’t
be dissuaded. He merely extended a simple invitation. “Nate, just come and see” (v. 46).
Philip brought Nathaniel, the skeptic, to Jesus.

They had never met, yet Jesus paid this suspicious young man a glowing compliment by
referring to him as a transparent, honest man (v. 47). Nathaniel’s mind began whirling.
“How do you know me?” he asked. “Before Philip called you, when you were under the fig
tree, I saw you,” Jesus replied (v. 48).

I believe Nathaniel had enjoyed a deep spiritual experience under that fig tree, and
Jesus was saying, “I know about that experience which you shared only with God!” Jesus
knew, because he is God!

And Nathaniel, the unbeliever, is convinced. He exclaims, “Rabbi, you are the Son of
God. You are the King of Israel” (v. 49). If you are not sure who Jesus really is, listen
to Nathaniel’s testimony. It’s the truth.


Thank you, Lord, for the testimony of a “refitted” skeptic among your