Is God Really in Charge?

Michael Wilcock

READ : Ruth 1:6-7

The Lord had visited his people and given them food. (v. 6)

I know two sisters, Christians for a long time, whose conversation is very refreshing.
They regularly look beyond “secondary causes.” What I mean is, they wouldn’t say “Such a
nice person came to our rescue.” They would say “The Lord sent such a nice person to our

In spite of all that had happened to her, Naomi had never lost the habit of looking
past secondary causes. Nor had the friends she still kept in touch with back in Bethlehem.
They too, like her, could have been disillusioned with God. They might not have been
through such bereavement as she had, but they had had to cope with a prolonged famine. Yet
the message which they now sent, and which she readily understood, left out the second
causes. It went back to the first cause of everything, which is God. It was not: “At last
this year the rain came.” It was not: “The invaders seem to have retreated for good.” It
was: “The Lord has come to our aid, and the famine is over.”

The Bible encourages us to think this way. Was God really in charge, when so many things had gone wrong? Yes, he was. That isn’t an excuse for being cynical. It’s the only glimmer of hope in dark times.


Lord, help us to remember nothing is outside your control. Amen.