Michael Wilcock

READ : Ruth 2:17-19

“Where did you glean today? And where have you worked?” (v. 19)

Stop! Hold it right there! Stop reading in the middle of a verse. And in the middle of
a conversation, too, which I was always taught it was rude to interrupt.

But Mother-in-law’s mind is quick. She, Naomi, will be a giant step forward by verse
20. So before we look ahead to that, let’s notice the step or two she seems already to
have taken, judging from her immediate reaction to Ruth’s return.

Ruth has lived through a day of surprises. Naomi, however, has to cope with the whole
package at once. Food for the supper table, stores for the larder for days to
come—the older woman puts two and two together. One of the farmers must have taken a
fancy to Ruth. And Naomi wants to know who it is.

Does Mother-in-law hear wedding bells already? She loves Ruth dearly, and we may be
sure would like nothing better.

It’s not only mothers-in-law who have dreams about the future. Most of us can weave
fantasies. Some of us jump all too quickly to conclusions. We should take warning from
Naomi, who wants some hard facts. On the one hand, she knew too many disappointments, and
on the other had too great a trust in God, to let her heart rule her head.


Lord, keep our imaginations within bounds. Amen.