Michael Wilcock

READ : Ruth 2:21-23

“It is good . . . that you go out with his young women.” (v. 22)

To Ruth’s mind, the crown of Boaz’s kindness was that it would be relatively long-term.
“He even said to me, `Stay with my workers until they finish harvesting all my grain.’”

Naomi agreed, even though she could have said, “That’s good, Ruth, but I can think of
something better still!” She knew that it was actually Boaz’s duty, as a “kinsman-redeemer,
“ to look after his poor relations. He might take on their problems and their
debts—but he might also take on Ruth herself, and give her a new home by marrying

Yet for now Naomi said nothing. Her answer was low-key: “Yes, Ruth, that does sound
good.” She was a patient woman. There was the chance of a splendid marriage for her
widowed daughter-in-law, which would solve all their problems. But she was content to
wait. The relationship between Ruth and Boaz must develop naturally, and she was willing
to give it time to do so.

Her patience was the sort that comes from trusting a God who specializes in really
long-term plans. They often take a longer time, and a more puzzling route, than ours would
(and who would know that better than Naomi?). But they always produce the best results in
the end.


Lord, you have the plans—give us the patience. Amen.