A Snag in the Scheme

Michael Wilcock

READ : Ruth 3:12-13

“There is a redeemer nearer than I.” (v. 12)

You can’t miss the way these three people are getting personally involved. It’s not
just their brains that are busy in carrying through the scheme for Ruth’s remarriage.
Their hearts are in it too.

Then a snag arises. When your affairs become tangled up with the law, it’s amazing how
soon they seem to be brought to a standstill. And here is a legal hitch in the marriage
plans. According to the Law, the responsibility for Ruth lies with the next-of-kin, and
Boaz is not in fact the very next-of-kin. There is a closer relative, who ought, strictly
speaking, to be given the first chance to marry Ruth. Strictly speaking. According to the
rules. If we go by the book; if we stick to the law. What a nuisance!

When our cherished plans are beginning to work out as we hoped they would, it’s hard
not to be impatient over delays like this. How frustrating it must have been for these
three! Couldn’t Boaz just have ignored the snag? Couldn’t he just have gone ahead and
married Ruth? Would anyone have worried about his not sticking to the letter of the

It wouldn’t have been right. Doing the right thing is what always works out for the
best in the end.


Lord, give us patience when we’re tempted to cut corners. Amen.