The Days of Our Lives

Chic Broersma

READ : Proverbs 3:27-35

“Never walk away from someone who deserves help; your hand is God’s hand for that person.” (v. 27 The Message)

Let’s face it: The neighborhood is where we live our lives. It’s where we’re blessed and where we’re expected to look out for each other, helping each other with life’s challenges. I grew up in a small farming village that was like that, a four-way corner populated by a church, an elementary school, a general store, and a feed mill.

During my college years (by which time I thought I was quite smart) I, in a superior way, would joke that where I grew up every conversation began with conclusions and was well sprinkled throughout with lots of “You know what I mean” statements. Now, older and wiser, and finding myself in a splintered, “apple- upside-down-cart” kind of world where conviction seems absent, I long for such stable communities.

Much of what I heard back then were actually wise sayings for everyday living; usually passed along by people who had lived long enough and thought hard enough to form some solid judgments about things, people who recognized the wisdom in the old sayings and passed them on.

Who is within your reach of helping, by word or deed, today?


Lord, open my eyes; prepare my heart to help someone today. Amen.