Combating the Temptation of Greed

Steve Petroelje

READ : Luke 12:13-21

“Take care, and be on your guard against all covetousness.” (v. 15)

Baby Boomers are currently obsessed with retirement and the accumulation of wealth. The big question for many is, “Will I have enough to stop working and enjoy life?” But no amount of money can provide security for a future that is never guaranteed. Our hope and security is found in Jesus Christ alone. We would do well to guard against building bigger “barns” (homes, churches, businesses) in a manner that is wasteful or unnecessary.

You might think the rich man described in Luke 12 was justified in the sense that he earned what he had, sought to plan for the future, and ensured that his crops would not spoil for lack of protection.

Yet the temptation of wanting more led to two fatal errors. First, he assumed he had lots of time and enough stored away to simply sit back. Second, he made it all about himself rather than being rich toward God. Notice all the times this man says, “I” or “I will” with never a word about God. We too sometimes act like the rich fool. We can easily become too concerned about getting a little more. Maybe it’s time for us to stop accumulating and pursuing, and start sharing and blessing.


Giver of life, keep me from greed and help me to be rich toward you. Amen.