Don't Steal from God

Steve Petroelje

READ : Malachi 3:8-12

Bring the full tithes into the storehouse. (v. 10)

Some years ago, a thief broke into the church I served. My guitar was among the items that were stolen from my study and never recovered. I remember thinking, “Who breaks into a church and steals from a pastor?”

Here’s a more disturbing question, “Who steals from God?” Malachi 3 and other passages of Scripture remind us that God expects us to share a portion of what he has entrusted to us for the work of the Kingdom. His plan is that we give regularly, proportionately, and gratefully.

There are a variety of questions and debates regarding tithing. Some arguments are too often used as excuses for failing to give back to God. The One who gave completely through the gift of his Son isn’t looking for excuses. He so loved the world that he “gave.” As those redeemed by his gift, do we give as a testimony of faith, an act of gratitude, and a means for furthering the gospel? Failing to give is robbing God, today as much as in Malachi’s day. God has provided, so let your gratitude lead to giving. It’s bad enough to steal from a pastor’s study; it is far more serious to steal from God.


Mighty God, with a heart of gratitude, not legalism, help me to graciously and faithfully bring you a full share. Amen.