The Brevity of Life

Steve Petroelje

READ : James 4:13-17

What is your life? For you are a mist . . . (v. 14)

We will not live forever on this side of heaven. The newspaper obituary and the markers in the cemeteries remind us of the brevity of life. As we grow older, the aches and pains of our bodies also serve as a reminder that our days are numbered.

A heavenly perspective on earthly things must include an acceptance of the brevity of this truth. Not only will the things of this earth pass away, but so will we, barring Christ’s return. Just as God calls us to be faithful stewards throughout our lifetime, so we must be faithful stewards in death.

Since life is short and tomorrow is never guaranteed, we must be prepared spiritually, physically, and financially. Are we right with God through faith in Christ? We should have our life in order so that those who depend upon us are taken care of. If we have a heavenly perspective and the assurance of life after death, we need not be afraid to talk about important earthly preparations such as financial arrangements or health decisions with those we love.


Lord, help me to fight the good fight, finish the race, and keep the faith to the end. Amen.