A Heavenly Perspective

Steve Petroelje

READ : Revelation 21:9–22:5

The wall was built of jasper, while the city was pure gold, clear as glass. (Rev. 21:18)

Family and friends gather for the funeral service, the committal is held, and the estate is sold or distributed. Unless Christ returns before our death, these last steps of life on earth will be true for all of us. For some, this signifies the end. Yet for those who trust in Jesus Christ, this is the beginning of eternity in the presence of our Lord.

Our finite minds cannot begin to grasp the reality of eternity. Life on earth is driven by time, but eternity is forever. Since the Bible is clear about the need for faith in Christ, the reality of heaven and hell, and the certainty of physical death, it is foolish for us to lose sight of a heavenly perspective on earthly things. In this series of devotionals, we have considered how important it is to put earthly things in the right perspective.

Do you live with a right perspective or are you currently placing far too much emphasis on earthly things? Ask God for help in keeping a heavenly perspective and live as a faithful steward of what has been entrusted to you. The things of this world are temporal, but the glory of heaven is eternal!


Precious Lord, help me to prioritize earthly things with a heavenly perspective. Amen.