Total Train Wreck

Mark Fackler

READ : Micah 1:1-7

“All her idols I will lay waste.” (v. 7)

We knew our youngest son was traveling to Chicago by rail when news networks flashed “live video” of the crash. His train had collided with another. Train cars spilled every which way, tangled and piled up—a real mess. Fortunately there were no serious injuries.

In this text we see Micah’s vision of the spiritual “train wreck” that lay ahead for Jerusalem and Samaria. Even though they were experiencing prosperity at the moment, these two capitals of God’s covenant people were still “off track.” Their wealth hid the mess of their souls. Micah—with clearer spiritual vision—saw, heard, and spoke.

The prophet saw a day of judgment when God would act to clean up Jerusalem and Samaria. Their prosperity would not protect them. Their idols, made with fees from temple prostitutes (v. 7), would be no help. Yet, the prophet’s purpose is not only to condemn, but to turn the hearts of God’s people to him again, moving our trust from ourselves and our “stuff” back on to God.

Let no idol take God’s place in your heart. Love God, trust God, worship God now—and none other.


Let no idol blind me, Lord.