Heartless Hucksters

Mark Fackler

READ : Micah 2:1-8

When the morning dawns, they perform it. (v. 1)

I always take first-time visitors to Nairobi, Kenya—including groups of my college students—to a special part of the city where they are sure to be approached by con-men and crooks. In broad daylight on a busy street, they learn how to spot and deal with a slickster. That’s education no classroom can offer.

But crooks are everywhere. In Micah’s time, con-artists had become the ruling elites. Even clergy were part of the scam. “Hey preacher, stick to the Bible stories,” the people told their spiritual leaders. “Don’t get into our business practices—we’ll take care of that.” Religious leaders became irrelevant by agreeing not to confront this evil.

In Micah’s day the crooked leaders were after land. The inheritance of families were targets of schemes and cooked books and phony contracts that no one could interpret or understand.

God was not pleased. God loves justice and truth. Where justice is strong, people can live and prosper, work, raise children, dream, sing, worship gratefully—like the Creator intended. Where justice is sick and robbery a daylight venture, God says: “Not for long. Your disaster is coming.” The haughty rich who walk in wickedness today will find that their time will soon be up.


Keep me honest, Lord of Creation.