The God Business

Mark Fackler

READ : Micah 3:1-8

“The sun shall go down on the prophets.” (v. 6)

Micah reminds people that evil can sneak up on you. Enough personal evil can add up to a system of evil that is much harder to resist.

Here’s how it works. A little lying here, a little greed and injustice there, plus an attitude of, “It’s not my concern” equals an established culture of evil. Systemic evil happens when social institutions fail to reform, or when one race or class believes in its own superiority. Systemic evil leads to courts and prison systems without a vision of justice, and markets without fairness. Schools simply process youth rather than enabling them. Churches go through empty motions of religion. Society devours poor people
(vv. 2-3) instead of helping them.

Micah warns that God detests such moral capitulation. So much so that when people finally get in trouble and ask for his help, God won’t even listen (v. 4).

It’s a dismal picture, but not without hope. Micah assures us that God’s Spirit can still reach us because it reaches him (v. 8). God reaches out to us, then we reach others. When you know evil is growing inside your community, listen for God’s call, then be like Micah—shine the searchlight of God’s truth into the dark places.


Use me, Lord, to challenge the evil that twists our world.