Blind to the Obvious

Mark Fackler

READ : Micah 3:9-12

“No disaster shall come upon us.” (v. 11)

Colonel Klaus von Stauffenberg did not want his children raised as little Hitlers. So he risked his life, and lost it, in a daring plot in 1944 to eliminate the Fuhrer and end the Nazi regime.

Why did Stauffenberg fail? None of the German commanders whose troops the plan needed signed on to the conspiracy. Perhaps those generals were too much in the groove of following orders, no matter if the commander-in-chief was an evil madman. History condemns their cowardice and remembers and salutes those who tried.

Micah saw corruption throughout Israel. But where could he turn? What troops could he count on? The leaders and priests were money-grubbers and liars, filled with a vain confidence that no disaster could befall them. Micah had only the word of the Lord to depend on.

But disaster did come. Assyria made short work of Israel, and later Babylon trampled weakened Judah. The word of the Lord was true, but no one had listened. In the end, Jerusalem fell grimly silent. A foreign army had killed God’s people and, seemingly, God’s plan and purpose for the world. But the message of Micah does not end here, thank God!


Lord, your Word draws us to repent and change.