Peace from Where?

Mark Fackler

READ : Micah 5:1-6

And he shall be their peace. (v. 5)

Who among us does not long for peace? Peace, the shalom that assures we are safe and well, both now and forever. Despite skeptics’ arguments to the contrary, despite our own
occasional doubts, we are not alone in a silent universe. We are enduring souls whose love and work is full of purpose and hope. Our great longing is for a future and a hope.

An old man has a photo of family at his bedside, a bouquet of flowers on a dresser – signs of hope and longing. A mother sings songs of joy and hope to her little ones at bedtime. A school grants a certificate to new graduates: go and make a better future with this. A loved one dies, and family gathers to pray, weep, sing. The longing persists despite every setback.

False hopes? Silly sentiments? Yes, indeed, if not for one magnificent Word of God. This Word, spoken from early times, showed up with incomparable brilliance one night in
the little town of Bethlehem (v. 2), upon the birth of The Messiah, God’s Son, Jesus Christ. He is the anchor, the safe harbor for longings felt worldwide. So central is Jesus to God’s plan that he is identified here as our peace (v. 5). Bethlehem, “The hopes and fears of all the years are met in thee tonight.”


Lord, you are my peace and my hope.