Looking for Help

Mark Fackler

READ : Micah 5:7-9

“There is none to deliver.” (v. 8)

Most of the time in the Old Testament Israel is looking for help of one kind or
another. Water, food, and security are the common list. Most of the time in the days of
the prophets, none shows up. The nations which approach Israel come to beat on her.

Now those fortunes are reversed. Her adversaries are looking for help, and Israel
cannot be stopped. What’s changed?

The prophets point to a day when scarcity, defeat, and exile will be gone. Then Israel
will shuck off the idols that ruined worship and forget the losses that caused such grief.
It is a journey to the Promised Land, to the throne of God – to home. When that happens,
the small remnant of God’s people will become like the king of the jungle, the top of the
food chain, invincible as a lion among sheep (v. 8).

God calls us today to faithful following. Jesus Christ is our Lord and leader. The
destination is secure, though the journey itself cuts through rough places. Put those
idols aside now, pack lightly, clear your throat for songs along the way. If you need a
mascot, take a lion – for God’s strength makes us lions. Micah’s message to Jacob’s family
is God’s challenge to Jesus’ kin today.


Lord, walk before us all the way.