What Does God Want?

Mark Fackler

READ : Micah 6:1-8

“He has told you . . . what is good.” (v. 8)

It’s not that complicated. Children often “get it” before adults do: God wants us to be humble, kind, and fair.

Every day, a contrary message is flashed from 10,000 advertisements: Be extravagant, aggressive, clever and cunning. Take what you want and more. This message is so consistent that if you want to find people who follow Micah 6:8, you need to make friends in places where modernity’s message can’t easily reach – places like prisons, slums, and in third-world countries. Watch how Christians in those places live. They don’t have the resources to compete by the standards of the world. They must find another standard by which to live. They know Micah’s formula very well.

Is kindness and fair play all God wants? What about supporting the church and other religious activities? Micah advises, first the heart must change. No change happens without God anyhow. So first let God’s Spirit reshape the way you feel about yourself and others. Then express your gratitude: be generous, have courage, hold a less inflated sense of your own importance. God seems to want people like this.


When pride pops up, Lord, remind me of the humble Savior.