Love Wins

Mark Fackler

READ : Micah 7:14-20

He delights in steadfast love. (v. 18)

It’s rare for a poorly equipped, moderately skilled athletic team to beat the
champions. We like to see underdogs win. In God’s game plan, the trophy goes to those who
are least likely to be odds-on favorites.

In Exodus, Egypt should have won; no way could slaves escape from one of the most
powerful empires on earth. David over Goliath – would you have correctly picked that

Now, God’s people watch as their northern brothers fall to the Assyrian army. Micah
warns that Judah will fall too. But this defeat will not last forever. Because of God’s
love, the situation that looks bleak and hopeless will turn into victory. Like Egypt

v. 12), like Goliath, the powerful enemies who intend to crush Jerusalem’s temple will
“come trembling” to the righteous reign of God (v. 17).

Micah’s words gave Judah hope, despite all the evidence. God was Judah’s hope, though
for a time God’s judgment would be necessary and harsh. God is “steadfast love” (v. 18) – for Judah and for you. The hope we have is that God’s love sometimes takes time, but the
force of his love is enough to bury our sins in the depths of the sea (v. 19). Even now,
God is preparing marvelous things for you.


Great God, I hope in you.