Fire, Flame, Stubble

Mark Fackler

READ : Obadiah 13-21

“The kingdom shall be the Lord’s.” (v. 21)

It’s a foul day when everything you own is blown away and you, racing from the eye of the storm, are betrayed by neighbors, who then help themselves to what little you were carrying. Hurricane Katrina was that sort of day. Stories from old Dutchmen about Nazi sympathizers are like that: neighbors collaborating with the enemy, they are worse than the enemy.

Judah’s neighbors, the Edomites, seemed more than happy to enrich themselves as Babylon scorched Jerusalem (v. 13). Hebrew refugees, hoping their distant cousins would provide a safe-zone, figured wrong. The Edomites turned them over to Nebuchadnezzar’s generals for a prize (v. 14).

The prophets were certain that God had given victory to Babylon as judgment for wickedness in Jerusalem. But Obadiah also knew how angry God was at Edom for failure to help Judah. For this, Edom’s punishment was sure (v. 15).

Still Obadiah sees the Day of the Lord “near upon all nations” (v. 15) when God’s justice will burn like a fire and flame, turning Edom into stubble (v. 18). But God’s people will possess their enemies’ lands (vv. 19-20), “and the kingdom shall be the Lord’s.” While you wait for the great Day, make today a new day “of the Lord” in your life.


Today, Lord, I live for you.