Good News Is Coming

Adam Navis

READ : Luke 1:5-25

How shall I know this? (v. 18)

When we have been stuck in a rut, it is difficult to trust that good news will come. To
the jobless, a job offer seems like a dream. To the poor, a college education can seem out
of reach. For couples unable to conceive, the idea of children can sometimes be too
painful to think about. Sometimes it is easier to accept that life is not going to turn
out the way you thought than to hope that a change is coming.

Zechariah had grown accustomed to his life. He was fortunate to minister in the temple
of God. He had a faithful wife. They were “both righteous before God.” They were good
people. They had the shame of being childless, but they were “advanced in years” and they
had grown used to carrying this burden. It was a fact that shaped how other people saw
them and how they saw themselves.

But God’s angel steps into Zechariah’s life, with news so good that he cannot wrap his
mind around it. This same good news comes to us as well. No matter what rut we have been
stuck in God can send a messenger to announce a change for the better. The question then
is, will we believe him? Don’t be so stuck that you can’t believe that good news is


May we accept the good news when it comes into our lives.