Joseph’s Faith

Adam Navis

READ : Matthew 1:18-25

He did as the angel of the Lord commanded him. (v. 24)

Sometimes people make bad decisions. Imagine your brother or son saying, “I’m getting
married!” You are overjoyed. Then he interrupts your enthusiasm by adding, “And we’re
having a baby!” You nod your head slowly as you process this information. You would have
preferred a different sequence of events, but what can you do? Then your son says, “And
the baby isn’t mine. He’s the Son of God!” How would you react? You would probably try to
set up an intervention.

There are some bad decisions that aren’t all bad in the end. When we act in faith we
sometimes do things that don’t make sense. We sacrifice security, money, and time with no
expectation of repayment. It could not have been easy for Joseph to accept the word of the
angel. He knew his friends and family would see him as a fool. Sometimes faith doesn’t
make sense to those outside the situation, even those who have a faith of their own.

Today, let’s recognize that Joseph too acted in faith with only the support of a fading
dream. It is to our honor when our conviction leads us to follow Joseph down roads that
might cost us respect, money, or time, but ultimately lead to glory.


Lord, may I follow you, wherever you may lead me.