Dwelling Among Us

Adam Navis

READ : John 1:9-14

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. (v. 14)

When we read that, “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us” we must remember that
this is not the first time God spoke into human history. Indeed, the “Word was with God in
the beginning” (v. 1). The Word called Abraham to leave his home. It called Moses at the
burning bush. It chiseled commands on stone and established a covenant with Israel. In
these instances God’s Word came in the form of human words: direct, strong, and audible.

But in Christ we receive a new kind of Word from God. Once again, God speaks and his
Word enters the world. But now it comes in visible form, in the vulnerable casing of human
flesh. This is one of the deep mysteries of the faith: how an abstract thing like a word
becomes incarnate. It is also one of beauties of the faith. God’s Word, which had been
previously manifested in commands, promises, judgments, and criticism, does not get
harsher and more severe. It does not provide a new series of rules that only show us how
far we fall short. Instead, this Word of God comes to saves us. “He dwelt among us,” the
apostle adds. Better yet, because of Christ’s sacrifice, we now can have the Word of God
dwell within us.


Lord, thank you for the gift of your Word, Jesus Christ, and his salvation.