Following the Stars

Adam Navis

READ : Matthew 2:1-12

We saw his star . . . and have come to worship him. (v. 2)

Do you ever read your horoscope? Looking to the stars for direction is not a
particularly orthodox practice. Christians should be rightfully wary of modern

But in Matthew 2 we encounter the story of wise men who look to the heavens for
direction. Not only do they watch the stars for signs of what to do, they actually follow
through! These men leave their homes and travel to a foreign land, all because of a new
star in the sky. What they find there must have surprised them because instead of a prince
they find a poor baby. But this does not throw them. When they see Jesus they fall down
and worship.

In one way, the story of the Magi reflects the greater biblical narrative. The Bible is
full of stories of people who were called aside by something spectacular: Moses and the
burning bush, Samuel and the voice in the night, Balaam and the talking donkey. None of
these are a particularly orthodox way of hearing the voice of God, and yet, hear it they
did. More importantly, they responded. The Holy Spirit might call us in unexpected ways to
unexpected actions. May we have the strength to follow the example of the wise men and
follow his lead.


Lord, may I always be watchful for your signs.