What Are You Waiting For?

Adam Navis

READ : Luke 2:22-35

This man was righteous and devout, waiting for the consolation of Israel. (v. 25)

Children look forward to their birthdays. And not just birthdays: starting school,
Halloween, Christmas break, ending school, fireworks on July 4th, and all the small things
that children still value and anticipate. One of the sad things about becoming an adult is
losing your sense of delight in holidays and celebrations.

Simeon lived with a child’s eager anticipation as he looked for the “consolation of
Israel.” While he may not have been as wild as a seven-year-old on his birthday, we
understand Simeon’s longing by listening to his words upon seeing Jesus, “my eyes have
seen your salvation . . . a light for revelation” (vv. 30, 32). Plus, having seen Jesus,
Simeon felt that he could die in peace.

What we look forward to in the future will define our lives today. Children bounce off
the walls just thinking about Christmas morning. Simeon lived a life of righteousness and
worship. What about us? Do we look into the future and see Christ’s return with the same
clarity, excitement, and hope as Simeon did? Do we allow this vision of the future to
shape our lives today?


Lord, may I live today with an eye for the future.