God’s Half-way House

Mark Fackler

READ : Nahum 1:1-7

He knows those who take refuge in him. (v. 7)

Drug addiction is a terrible bondage. Those who try to overcome it need lots of help. Often living in a half-way house is the only way. Half-way houses aim at behavioral reform through a structured environment. We could use more half-way houses for several bad habits I readily observe in people, including a few I see in the mirror.

God has a half-way house. It’s halfway between the bad side of our nature and perfection. Halfway between the spoiled garden (Gen. 3) and the promised new heavens and new earth (Rev. 21). Halfway between Desperation (a bad place to go) and Shalom (where God’s light always shines). We call that place the church.

In Nahum’s prophecy, the “stronghold” and “refuge” (v. 7) in the Lord was more a future hope than a tangible place. Today, God’s half-way house is both a people and a place, where God’s people are trained as disciples, medics, counselors, care-givers, and evangelists in a mission to bring all the world home to God. We meet Christ in this halfway house; we worship, we pray, grow stronger, and become better equipped to serve.

God’s open-door, rescue-the-injured, half-way house – be sure to make it your refuge.


Lord, I’m coming.