Peace along the Trail

Mark Fackler

READ : Nahum 1:12-15

Look . . . the feet of one . . . who proclaims peace. (v. 15 NIV)

This evocative image – a hiker who carries good news of peace on a rugged mountain
trail – who is this?

A prophet? The prophets are not known primarily for bringing peace. They are best known
for their words of judgment. Every prophet had a warning. Sometimes their listeners had
time to respond and save the day, sometimes not. But always, the prophets included the
good news that God was rich in mercy and full of steadfast love. Peace was the prophets’
last word.

The Messiah? Peace with God was the reason Jesus came. The peace he offered was freedom
from fear and friendship with God. He warned plenty, but at the end, “My peace I give you”
(John 14:27) was his beautiful message.

Are you a bringer of peace? We all can be. Our backpack may include sales charts,
lectures, account sheets, tools, or a mop and bucket. The gospel of peace should be there
too. Our life’s trail should be strewn with seeds of peace – a word of care here, a piece
of wise advice there, a testimony to the love of Jesus in your heart, shared freely with
friends and strangers along the way.


Lord of love and peace, I’ll tell someone today.