Lions’ Dens

Mark Fackler

READ : Nahum 2:10-13

Where is the lions’ den . . . with none to disturb? (v. 11)

Among the Maasai people of Kenya, young boys once graduated into manhood by killing a
lion with a spear, knife, or club. A long training program preceded the hunt. Youthful
hearts needed to be shaped and instructed. To face those fearless yellow eyes and kill the
beast meant that the youth’s courage passed the ultimate test.

Nahum’s imagery is best understood if you’ve actually faced the beast yourself and held
your pounding heart in check while you drove a shaft into its heart. But we can still
appreciate what Nahum was driving at. If someone has the power to enter the lion’s den,
nothing else will stop him.

God is the hunter in this prophecy. The Assyrian empire is the lion. Though they
believed they were safe, they would soon feel God’s spear. Who can stand up to him? Who
can hide?

Some parts of the Old Testament world are hard to bring into the 21st century. God
hunting and avenging evil is a difficult import. But Nahum reminds us: don’t oppose this
warrior; don’t think you are beyond the reach of God. If your heart is a den where God is
not welcome, invite him now. He will come there one way or another. Better as a friend
than as a hunter.


Almighty God, my heart is yours.