The Flat Earth

Mark Fackler

READ : Nahum 3:1-7

All full of lies and plunder. (v. 1)

Today you can join the International Flat Earth Society. Its literature speaks quite
plainly about the trickery perpetuated by NASA and science in general. Round Earth? It’s
all a conspiracy. The oceans are actually secured by a mound of ice at the edges. Notice
the flag of the United Nations. It shows the flat Earth as the IFES knows it to be.

If you do join, you’re choosing a majestic hoax. Try as the IFES might to uphold Flat
Earth theory – are they really serious? – it comes down to baloney. We really do live on a

The idea of a flat earth is absurd to most people. But these same people readily accept
lies about where history is heading and what counts in the end. Their hoax-worlds are many
and diverse. Their dream-lands are creative, sometimes alluring, but wrong. They have
missed the core truth.

Nahum puts it this way. Nineveh is not sovereign; its markets and entertainments are
not permanent, its army is not strong enough. “I am against you, says the Lord of hosts”
(v. 5). God plans to heal the nations, to redeem his people, to establish His eternal
kingdom. The Ninevites did not see it. Their earth was flat. Today, God wants you to
believe his Word and put your life in his hands.


Lord, open my eyes to see your majesty.