Run to Win

Chic Broersma

READ : 1 Corinthians 9:19-27

So run that you may obtain it. (v. 24)

The website Runner’s World provides tips for runners. I like this one: “It pays to look
ahead, beyond what’s immediately in front of you.” For Christians, this means we should be
involved in this world but always look ahead to heaven, our goal.

Here’s another tip: “You’re less likely to slip if you stay relaxed.” For a Christian,
it’s a matter of achieving that delicate balance between pressing on and being relaxed;
between living each day with discipline and awareness and at the same time living with the
calm faith of one who knows the victory crown is assured.

And one more: “If you focus on obstacles, you’re more likely to hit them.” As
Christians we want to “lay aside every weight and the sin that clings so closely.” We deal
with the obstacles of losing our vision, of getting sidetracked by unworthy desires, of
having earthbound goals. We need to strive to keep our focus on “Jesus, the pioneer and
perfecter of our faith,” rather than on the things of this world.

Some years ago an American track and field runner disgraced herself by admitting to the
use of banned drugs. She was the only runner to ever win five gold medals in a single
Olympics. Now she was stripped of her medals and her records erased from record books.

The prize you and I seek is far greater than gold. So stay focused. Don’t cheat. Follow
the rules.


Lord, help us run to win the prize of eternal life!