Fear of Surrender

Jessica Heikoop

READ : Matthew 6:25-34

O you of little faith. (v. 30)

Surrendering to God isn’t an easy thing to do. To some people, the thought of surrender
seems too restrictive. To others it’s an overwhelming reminder that they’re no longer
going to control their lives. Still others cannot imagine letting go of things they
believe they can’t live without. Surrender is a difficult act.

It’s one thing to say we trust God and have absolute faith in him, but it’s quite
another thing to actually put that into full practice. To “trust and obey” isn’t as simple
to do as it is to sing.

In order to surrender all, we have to overcome our fear of not knowing what lies ahead.
We have to give up personal control and guaranteed security. We have to step out in faith
and trust that God is sovereign and wise. We have to believe that real security comes from
trusting him.

A helpful way to overcome any fears of complete surrender is to look at the attributes
of God. We see throughout Scripture that he is, and always will be, our protector,
provider, good shepherd, healer, comforter, and friend. In light of who he is, we can have
full confidence in him as we surrender to him.

He is worthy of our trust. We need not fear giving our all to him; and there’s no
better way to show that we trust him than by doing just that.


Lord, we ask that you would help us overcome any fears of complete