Surrender, Slavery, and Serving

Jessica Heikoop

READ : Luke 1:26-38

I am the servant of the Lord. (v. 38)

Ask a student what her goal in life is. I very much doubt you will hear her say, “My
goal in life is to become a servant.” Most people don’t think very highly of the
profession. But if you bear the name “Christian,” you also bear the title “servant.”

Jesus himself was referred to as a servant (see Acts 3:13). Mary declared herself a
“servant of the Lord.” Paul, James, Peter, and Jude all introduced themselves as “a
servant of God.” We too are servants. Through surrendering to Christ we inherit all the
characteristics of a servant of Christ: living for him, submitting to him, and obeying

The Bible also uses the word slave to describe who we are in Christ. That really is a
title no one desires. It has nothing but negative associations, but to be a slave of
Christ is completely different.

First Corinthians 7:22 says, “[h]e who was free when called is a slave of Christ.” The
reason this is different from any other slavery is that we choose to be Christ’s slave
through our desire to surrender to him. Out of our love and gratitude we serve him
willingly, joyfully, and freely. That is not slavery to dread. It is a privilege we ought
to rejoice in.


Father, may we gladly bear the name “servant of God.”