Freedom in Surrender

Jessica Heikoop

READ : Galatians 5:1-15

For you were called to freedom. (v. 13)

Surrender. Slave. Servant. These certainly aren’t the first words most people think of
when speaking of freedom. But as John Gill has said, “Love makes Christ’s service perfect
freedom.” The wonderful truth is that as we surrender to Christ and live our lives in
service to him, we experience the freedom for which we were made and to which we were
called. This freedom comes because when we are no longer our own but are wholly his, we
are rid of the yoke of slavery to sin and to this world. Freedom from sin is freedom
indeed. It is freedom to be all we were meant to be.

Paul does offer us a warning, however, not to use our freedom “as an opportunity for
the flesh” (v. 13). When we are in Christ, we are free from sin (its punishment and its
mastery over us). We are not yet free of sin because we can never be sinless while living
in this fallen world.

Satan knows that we still sin and will watch for any opportunity to entice us to sin
again. This is why Paul cautions us not to misuse our Christian liberty by indulging
ourselves in this world, thinking we’re safe from the temptations of Satan.

We are to rejoice in our freedom from the punishment and slavery of sin, but we are to
still be wise and never abuse our freedom by living in sin.


Father, we thank you that in you we experience true freedom.