Not So Different

Sara Leo

READ : Matthew 7:1-5

Why do you see the speck . . . in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log . . . in your own? (v. 3)

NBC’s popular show The Office centers on the foolish character of the boss, Michael
Scott. Among other things, Michael is awkward, annoying, prejudiced, intolerant, crude,
selfish, and ignorant. Worst of all, he is oblivious to his faults. As an audience, we see
Michael through the eyes of Jim, an everyman character who spares no opportunity to expose
Michael’s flaws. In one episode, however, the tables are turned when Michael goes away
from the office and leaves Jim in charge. As Jim makes decisions that affect his
co-workers in various ways, he gets a taste of life in Michael’s shoes. And when someone
mistakenly calls Jim Michael, he is forced to notice the proverbial plank in his own eye
and realize that he and Michael aren’t so different after all.

When we watch this show, we’re not supposed to want to be like Michael Scott. Yet,
while we pity Michael and laugh at him and occasionally cringe when he speaks, we can also
see ourselves in him. It is easy to spot the flaws and sins of other people. And while we
are not to judge others harshly, surely we are called to recognize and denounce the evil
in the world. But can we be honest enough to see some of that same evil lurking in our own
hearts? Let’s take a break today from pointing out everyone else’s flaws and focus on
overcoming our own.


Lord, reveal to us the sin in our own hearts. Teach us not to judge.