Personal Validation

Sara Leo

READ : John 4:27-38

My food is to do the will of him who sent me and to accomplish his work. (v. 34)

Reality TV is saturated with fame-seeking programs like American Idol. All kinds of
people, some with immense talent and some with immense delusions, flock to perform in
front of judges for a chance to show America what they’ve got. They want to be known and
celebrated. They want personal validation.

Deep down, we all want this: to have significance, to be someone. Unfortunately, many
people try to fulfill this desire in ways that don’t work. Most attempts involve seeking
after power, recognition, and glory. There is no doubt that inside each of us is the
genuine need to be known, validated, and celebrated. But we often look for these things in
the wrong places. We mistake earthly fame for lasting significance.

Jesus gave us a good example of what personal validation might look like. Jesus
regularly insists that people not tell others that he is the Son of God. Perhaps he knows
that the fame and power he would receive would get in the way of his doing the Father’s
work. And here lies the secret of Christ’s life. His food was to do the Father’s will.
There’s nothing wrong with celebrating our talents and gifts. But living for God is what
makes us significant.


Lord, let me live by serving you.