Adam and Eve, Again?

Sara Leo

READ : Genesis 2:8-15

The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of

it. (v. 15)

The movie WALL-E envisions a world destroyed by pollution, waste, and overconsumption.
The earth is so damaged that it will no longer sustain any life. Humans are forced to live
in a spaceship, circling the planet, hoping that the harm they did to the earth will
somehow correct itself so they can go back. In the meantime, they leave robots behind to
pick up their trash.

It’s a dark vision of the future. But is it really so hard to imagine? We might be
living with a false sense of security that there’s nothing this earth can’t handle. The
trash we create, the chemicals we emit into the air and water, and all those convenient
disposable containers we throw away don’t just disappear. While new technology might help
us battle these problems, wagering our future on possible human ingenuity is a risky

In the Garden of Eden, God told Adam and Eve that they were responsible for the care of
his creation. He didn’t tell them the creation would take care of itself and that they
could do whatever they wanted. If people have the power to care for the earth, then we
also have the power to destroy it.

At the end of WALL-E, humans return to earth as new Adams and new Eves with a renewed
understanding of their responsibility to the planet. Better for us to take responsibility
now, before it is too late.


Lord, forgive us for not taking care of your creation.