Discerning Love

Sara Leo

READ : Philippians 1:9-11

And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth

of insight. (v. 9 NIV)

Love and romance and people’s attempts to find them have long been a form of
entertainment, whether in plays, novels, music, or film. We have even made the quest for
romance into a competition. In the past we’ve watched dating games where young men and
women ask questions to potential suitors from behind a screen and then choose which one to
date based on their answers. Today we watch reality dating programs like The Bachelor and
The Bachelorette where contestants spend a few weeks dating a group of thirty suitors in
order to whittle it down to one Mr. or Mrs. Right. These men and women glow as they talk
about finding true love, all the while engaging in impersonal group dates and one-night

In most popular culture, love is just a feeling. So it is no surprise to see these
contestants find love in just a few short weeks. But feelings are fleeting and so it is
also no surprise when we read about their breakup in the news a few months later.

When the Bible describes love, it is always about more than just feelings. Paul prays
for his friends in Philippi that their love will abound in knowledge and depth of insight.
True love is discerning and wise. This kind of love takes effort and hard work. Don’t let
reality shows convince you that real love happens after a few hours spent with someone


Lord, help us do the work of real love. Make us wise.