Receiving Divine Forgiveness

Tammy De Ruyter

READ : Luke 7:36-50

Her sins, which are many, are forgiven. (v. 47)

How can we possibly receive God’s forgiveness? We’ve done too many bad things. How
could God ever forgive us? What must we do?

The woman of Luke 7 knows exactly what to do. This woman “who was a sinner” (think
“prostitute”) comes searching for Jesus. She’s fully aware of her faults and sins; in
fact, so is everyone in town. She doesn’t come begging for help, not even to say she’s
sorry for her awful life. She only wants to draw near, express her love, and worship him.
Why? Because she knows that in his presence, nothing else matters, not even her past. She
knows she won’t be turned away. She worships freely, gratefully, sacrificially. The
expression of her love is not the cause of his forgiveness, but the effect of it, and
people are amazed.

Like this prostitute, we too can draw near to Jesus. It doesn’t matter what we’ve done.
We are all sinners, but God’s grace frees us and heals us to live fruitful lives, to
worship with grateful hearts. J. Gregory Jones writes, “forgiveness works through our
ongoing willingness to give up certain claims against one another . . . to give gifts of
ourselves by making innovative gestures that offer a future not bound by the past.”
Innovative gestures: this woman certainly did that! But however you express your love for
Jesus, draw near to him today.


Lord, thank you that when we draw near to you, you meet us with love and forgiveness.