Hey, That's Me!

Lou Lotz

READ : Matthew 25:14-30

For it will be like a man going on a journey, who called his servants and entrusted to them his property. (v. 14)

Have you ever watched a baby discover himself in a
mirror? How he enjoys that smiling
little guy who waves back at him. But then there comes a
flash of recognition and a
startling insight: “Hey, that’s me!”

I had heard the Parable of the Talents many times,
but I never really heard it at all
until there came that flash of recognition: “Hey, that’s
me!” After all, the parable is
not about nameless first-century servants; it’s about
me. It’s about you. We are the ones
to whom the master entrusts his property. To use a
biblical term, we are stewards. All
that we possess – time, talent, wealth – the gospel
itself, is treasure from God. Our
charge is to use it on God’s behalf.

Stewardship is not optional. The question is not
whether you should be a steward; you
already are one. The question is rather: what kind of
steward are you? How will you use
what God has given you?

“It is better for me to try all things and find them
empty,” said Charlotte Bronte,
“than to try nothing and leave my life a safe and secure
blank.” Every moment is a kind of
currency. It is a currency that we spend simply by
living. So spend it for God’s sake,
that someday it may be said of you, “Well done, good and
faithful servant . . . enter into
the joy of your master.”


Help me, Lord, to use the gifts given to me that I might become all I have the potential to be, and bring

glory to you. Amen.