The Man God Called a Fool

Lou Lotz

READ : Luke 12:13-21

But God said to him, “Fool! This night your soul is

required of you, and the things you

have prepared, whose will they be?” (v. 20)

There are two things nobody will admit to: having no
sense of humor or being a fool. To
be called a sinner doesn’t seem to bother people all
that much. But, how we squirm at the
charge of stupidity. Nobody likes to be called a fool.
Yet that is Christ’s assessment of
us if we behave like the rich man in the parable.

Jesus does not condemn wealth. Prosperity is not a
vice, no more than poverty is a
virtue. Money is morally neutral. The question is: What
are you going to do with your
wealth? Or, an even bigger question: What is your wealth
going to do with you? Wealth does
pose a danger to those who possess it. Money isn’t bad.
But unless you’re careful, it can
make you bad: greedy, grasping, self-sufficient,
possessed by your possessions, and
oblivious to their source. The words “I, my, mine”
appear a dozen times in the parable. It
just does not occur to the rich man, as it seldom occurs
to us, that God is the source of
his prosperity.

This parable makes us stop and take stock as the shadows
lengthen over our lives. It’s all right for a man to
possess things. But it’s not all right for things to
possess a man. It’s not all right to make accumulation
the driving gear of your life. “Seek first the kingdom
of God and his righteousness,” said Jesus (Matt. 6:33).
When God has first place in your life, your possessions,
and everything else, assume their rightful place.


Lord, help me not to be possessed by my possessions. Amen.