Follow the Risen Christ

Jill Ver Steeg

READ : John 21:1-22

Jesus said to him . . . follow me! (v. 22)

After his resurrection, Jesus appears to his disciples by the Sea of Tiberius. For
Simon Peter, the one who stood in the courtyard denying Jesus, life is different
now. Everything he knew fell apart at the cross and so Peter goes back to what makes the
most sense: fishing. Fishing, after all, is what Peter does best.

Unfortunately for Peter, “Plan B” is not working. The other disciples follow his lead,
but on this particular night they catch nothing. Jesus suddenly appears on the shore and
the disciples do not know that it is Jesus. He instructs Peter to cast his net on the
other side. Press pause. Who is this stranger, this non-fisherman, giving us fishing
directions? The disciples throw the nets on the other side. A single act of faith. The
catch is so enormous the nets break. Peter sees the boats are sinking and the
reinforcements are called in. Now recognizing Jesus, Peter says, “It is the Lord!”

Peter and the disciples acted out of obedience and the results are astonishing. We live
in a world where a resurrection has taken place. The living Lord calls us to fish for the
world and to care for his church. To what specific task is the risen Christ calling you
from the shores of your life?


Lord, help me to love you with all of my heart, soul, and mind, following where

you lead. Amen.