Adam Stout

READ : Revelation 4:6-11

. . . for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.

(v. 11 KJV)

Animals play a big role in biblical stories. They are everywhere: the creation account,
Noah’s ark, the Old Testament sacrifices—even the donkey Jesus rode on Palm Sunday.
But no earthly animal compares to those the apostle John saw in heaven. The four “living
creatures” around the throne were covered in eyes and wings, awesome and inspiring. Yet
these creatures do not claim to be great. Their many eyes “all around and within” serve
only to grant these creatures an acute awareness of God’s greatness. They can clearly see
and absorb the startling beauty of God’s nature. In response they say, “Holy, holy, holy,
is the Lord God Almighty!” In short, the four creatures worship God.

And we have that same opportunity. God has created us with the ability to appreciate
and express the joy we experience. When we marvel at the beauty and grace of God’s
creatures, we have the opportunity to worship the One who made them. The last time I went
to the zoo, I sat down by the otter’s habitat. He swam toward me. Then, for the sheer joy
of it, he did back flips in the water. The King James Version of verse 11 says, “for thy
pleasure they are and were created.” May we be like otters, in our work and play,
discovering new ways to express joy and gratitude to our Creator.


Lord, you are worthy! We thank and praise you for your magnificent creation and

surpassing love.