God's Reality

Adam Stout

READ : 2 Kings 6:8-23

Do not be afraid, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them. (v. 16)

My friend Jim and I were sitting by a campfire near a pond surrounded by hills.
Suddenly, we heard the howl of a few coyotes. Jim and I looked at each other. A few more
coyotes started howling. Soon the hills seemed full of howls, cascading over our ears from
every angle. We were terrified. There must have been a hundred of them! We sat close to
the fire until the noises started to die off. Then we ran for the house and told our
parents. They said, “Did you know a coyote can make its voice sound like many coyotes?”
Coupled with the echo of the valley, this caused our young ears to hear multitudes when in
reality there were only a few.

The coyote is not the only thing that sometimes sounds worse than it actually is. Many
animals bluff their way into looking or sounding bigger than they are. People too try to
appear more grand than we really are. So too, evil does its best to terrify us into
thinking that we are surrounded by a howling multitude, and that we haven’t got a chance.

This is what happened to Elisha’s servant. When Elisha prayed, the servant’s eyes were
opened to see past appearances to the reality of the situation: God’s angels were greater
than the enemy surrounding them. Through this he learned a valuable lesson: Don’t be
afraid. Even when all we can see is darkness, God’s unseen reality is the one that


Almighty God, give us eyes to see your reality in our lives.