God's Unlikely Messengers

Adam Stout

READ : Numbers 22:21-33

Then the Lord opened the eyes of Balaam, and he saw the angel of the Lord. (v. 31)

The tale of Balaam and his donkey has all the elements of a good story: a villain
(Balaam), an innocent victim (a donkey), and a good guy (an angel). Balaam we dislike for
beating his donkey. The angel with a sword makes an impression. But it is the talking
donkey that we remember.

A talking donkey! God has a habit of surprising us with those he speaks through. Think
of the lowly shepherd boy who became the sweet psalmist of Israel (David), or a poor,
unmarried country girl (Mary) who became the bearer of God incarnate. But perhaps the most
unlikely messenger was Jesus. Think of it: a village carpenter who was God in the flesh!

No one expected the king of the universe to come as a poor, helpless baby and to die
upon a cross. But that’s exactly what God did to conquer death and rescue his people.
Jesus was an unlikely messenger, but God spoke through him in a way that no one had before
or has since.

And what about us? You and I may not think we can bring a message from God, but if he
could use a donkey to speak for him, couldn’t he use any of us as his unlikely messengers?
God can help us testify to his reality in both our lives and the world around us. We can
warn others of self-destructive ways. And we can point them to the most unlikely messenger
himself, Jesus Christ.


Lord, forgive us when we don’t listen to you.