Under the Fig Tree

Jonathan Brownson

READ : John 1:43-51

You will see heaven opened, and the angels of God ascending and descending on the Son

of Man. (v. 51)

The front steps of the rental house we own need to be repaired. The roots of a nearby
tree have pushed the steps out of level and cracks now split the concrete. This calls for
some serious work. Someone needs to break up the old concrete, build some forms, mix and
pour the new concrete, and then smooth the new front steps. But this work is necessary,
because without steps into the house, no one gets in. And if no one gets in the house, we
get no rent out of it!

Jesus talks about steps in today’s passage. In fact, he claims to be the steps. He
tells Nathaniel that he is the ladder Jacob dreamed about. Only he can connect people to

Jesus is like a construction worker. He finds our address and starts working right
there. He doesn’t say, if you can get to Jerusalem, you will find some stairs there; or,
if you move to Mecca, that is where you must start or end your pilgrimage. Instead, with
“Google map” precision, Jesus sees us where we are and starts the stairway from there.

Just as Jesus saw Nathaniel under the fig tree, he sees us wherever we may be. Thank
him for his seeking and searching love. You and I will never make it to heaven on our own.
We have to take the steps.


Lord, thank you that you seek us out and connect us to heaven.