We Are in Relationship

Kate Meyer

READ : Matthew 6:5-15

Pray then like this: “Our Father . . .” (v. 9)

The Lord’s Prayer is one most Christians have
memorized at a young age. Unfortunately,
when something, even a prayer, is so frequently recited
we may no longer pay much
attention to its meaning. For many, the Lord’s Prayer
has become such a prayer. It is so
familiar that when we repeat it, we no longer pause to
consider what we are acknowledging,
requesting, and agreeing to.

The opening words “Our Father” can trigger this
auto-pilot so that we miss the blessing
represented in them. In calling God “Father” we
acknowledge that through Christ we have
been given a direct and intimate relationship with

Jesus taught us to begin this way to show that it
does not take fancy speech or big
words to get God’s attention. Rather, God loves us as
children and therefore we have the
opportunity to call upon God as a child calls upon a
parent. We can call upon God in times
of joy, sorrow, need, or gratitude. Because of Christ we
are not restricted by a small
group of religious leaders or laws and regulations;
instead, through Jesus we obtain the
freedom to relate to God in such a personal and loving

When we say “Our Father,” we acknowledge that this is
one way we are blessed to know
God and we express our gratitude for it. Rather than
speaking these words without thought,
let them awaken your heart to joy for this intimate


Thank you, Lord, that you love me enough to let me call you Father. Amen.