Never Out of Reach

Kate Meyer

READ : Psalm 18:1-19

Pray then like this: “Our Father in heaven.” (Matt. 6:9)

I remember feeling sympathy for the Israelites when
reading their story. The Old
Testament records a fascinating history of worship.
Starting on the side of a mountain and
going through the construction of the temple, it was a
time when interaction with God was
limited. The presence of God was restricted and only the
priests were allowed to approach
it at prescribed times.

I used to believe that heaven was like this. God was
in heaven and too far away to be
reached. My belief changed one night at summer camp when
my counselor taught us that
prayer did not have to be either structured or
rehearsed. She taught us that we can pray
to God like we talk to anyone. If we felt like talking
with God while playing with
friends, that was okay. We did not need to be kneeling
by our beds with closed eyes in
order to reach God, because God is everywhere.

Heaven is not a confining place. The fact that our
Father is in heaven does not prevent
us from reaching him. Rather, because of Jesus, we may
personally approach the throne of
God any time, anywhere. What a privilege!


Loving Father, thank you that I may reach you no matter where I am. Amen.